Stradivarius Violins, History, Price and Sound

Why is a violin by Stradivari called a Stradivarius? It seems to be an historically sanctioned affectation. Other Italian violin makers of the time used a Latin form of their name on labels, but do we call an Amati an Amatus? We do not, or a Guarneri, a Guarnerius, not usually. So a Stradivarius violin … Read more

Violin buyer's guide

Violins…a buyer’s guide, what to consider when buying a violin

We look at some key points you should consider when buying a violin, including how to test a violin (viola, cello, bass) before taking it on approval. What should I play? Scales are a good starting point. Try them slowly with as much volume as possible to test the instrument’s limits. If you can, try … Read more

Jean-Auguste Darte

Jean-Auguste Darte (1830-1892)

The world of violins is steeped in history and tradition, with each instrument holding its own unique story. One such story is that of Jean-Auguste Darte and the Stentor violins he produced.