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We undertake rehair and repair of Violin bows, Viola bows, Cello bows and Double Bass bows.

Violin Bow Rehair Service

Over time, the hair on your bow can become worn and damaged, affecting its ability to grip the strings and produce a clear, resonant tone. This is particularly true in humid areas, where the hairs can become hard and brittle. To restore your instrument’s sound quality, you’ll need to rehair your bow by replacing the worn strands with fresh, high-quality hair.

Our shop offers a range of violin bow repair and repair services. Our skilled technicians can replace thumb leathers, pearl slides, faceplates, and brass eyes and perform general stick, frog, and adjuster repairs. The process may take a few days, but we can provide you with a loaner bow. Additionally, we offer a convenient postal service for those unable to visit our shop in person.

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Violin Bow Rehair

Who will rehair my bow?

Our repairers are graduates of prestigious international violin-making schools, including the Welsh Violin Making School, the Musikinstrumentenbauschule in Mittenwald, the Cremona International Violin Making School, the Newark International School of Violin Making, the International Violin Making School of Parma, and others. They work under the guidance of experienced external consultants with extensive backgrounds in violincmaking, repairing, and teaching at violin-making schools and in academic music. We also have a professional development program to ensure that all work is consistently the highest quality.

What is rehairing a bow?

Rehairing a bow is the process of replacing the hair on the bow with new, high-quality strands. This is important because the hair on a bow can become worn and damaged over time, affecting the sound and performance of the instrument.

How do I know when my bow needs to be rehaired?

If you notice that the sound quality is lacking or not up to par, it might be time to consider a rehair. There are several reasons why you might need to rehair your bow, such as dirty or sticky hair, not enough hair left on the bow, or difficulty tightening the hair. Additionally, environmental factors like temperature and humidity can cause the hair to shrink. Regular maintenance is key to keeping your bow in top condition, so be sure to keep an eye on the state of your bow hair and take it to a professional luthier if you notice any issues. When the time comes to rehair your bow, we suggest seeking the assistance of professionals like ourselves for the best results.

Tell Tale signs your bow needs rehairing

There are a few tell-tale signs that it’s time for a rehairing, such as uneven tension on the stick due to broken hairs on one side, hair loss in the middle from too much tension on the strings, or a sticky, discoloured, or smelly bow caused by rosin, dust, grime, and finger residue.

How often do I need to rehair my bow?

This completely depends on your use, you should rehair your bow anywhere between once every six months – six years. If you’re a professional musician or a particularly diligent student, you may need to rehair your bow every two to six months. Remember that the better care you take of your bow, the less frequently you’ll need to replace the hair.

Can you rehair your own bow?

At times, certain string musicians may consider rehairing their own bow as a way to cut down on expenses. However, it’s important to note that rehairing requires a specific set of skills and specialised tools, which can be an additional investment. Therefore, it may be more beneficial to seek the assistance of a professional when it comes to this task.

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