Cello Bows For Sale

Cellos bows for sale, browse our stock below.

The quality of the cello bow can impact the sound that is produced. The weight, balance, and flexibility of the bow all affect the player’s ability to produce the desired tone and texture. High-quality cello bows, like those sold here at Tim Toft Violins, are typically made by skilled craftsmen. Proper care and maintenance of your cello bow is important to ensure it stays in good condition and performs well. We have a selection of cello bows for sale, which can be seen below.

How do I get the right bow for my cello?

Inexperienced players are often misled into buying cello bows which are heavy as they find it easier to produce a fuller sound. This can have its drawbacks as it may impede more advanced bowing techniques unless it is very well balanced. It can also be very tiring in that 3-hour rehearsal! See, How to choose a bow, on our website and include your teacher in the process if they are willing to help. Also, this may seem obvious but do bring your cello when you visit us to try out bows. A bow can be compatible with one instrument but not work so well with another.

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