Double Bass Bows For Sale

Double bass bows for sale at Tim Toft Violins

Experienced players know the value of selecting a high-quality double bass bow and will often invest in bows crafted by master bow makers to achieve the best possible sound and feel. The double bass bow is a crucial component of any double bass player’s setup, as it directly impacts the instrument’s sound and playability. Made from a variety of materials, including pernambuco, carbon fibre, and synthetic blends, double bass bows come in a range of shapes and sizes to suit different playing styles and musical genres. At Tim Toft Violins, we have several different double bass bows for sale. Each bow can be inspected at our violin shop, in Staffordshire.

How do I choose the right bow for my bass?

This is where, as a beginner, you need your teacher’s advice. Unlike the other bowed stringed instruments there are two distinct types of bow for the bass; French and German. The grip and playing styles differ considerably. If you are used to playing just pizzicato it will be a shock to discover that, with a bow, people will be able to tell if you are playing out of tune much more easily! See, How to choose a bow, on this website.

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