The Tubbs Family Part 2: Genealogy

The information given below is sourced predominantly from birth, baptism, marriage, death and criminal records, censuses, and trade/residential directories, including those of Pigot, Kelly, the Post Office, Trow, and Robson. We have only included information which we believe ha a high degree of reliability. There are many more members of the Tubbs family than are … Read more

A New Genealogy for Lockey Hill

Violin image © Tim Toft Violins. Text © John Basford, 2024. Most in the violin world are familiar with the company, W.E. Hill & Sons, but perhaps not everyone is quite so familiar with the family members who were its predecessors, so I will begin by presenting biographical summaries of those in a direct line … Read more

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Sousa Bows made from ipê hardwood

Bowmakers are now turning their attention to another South American hardwood – ipê. Over the centuries many woods have been used for stringed instrument bows; Brazilwood/ pernambuco, snakewood/amourette, spindlewood, tung wood, coral wood, ironwood, plum wood, beech wood, ebony, bois d’abeille (also known as bulletwood or maçaranduba) and other tropical hardwoods. Due to the increasing … Read more

Antique violin valuation

Antique violin appraisal by Tim Toft

Tim Toft, a well-established violin dealer with over thirty years of experience, handles the appraisal services for antique violins. Tim Toft’s extensive experience and meticulous approach in the violin industry has earned him a reputation as an expert appraiser. He is a sought-after consultant for prestigious shops and esteemed auction houses. In this article, we … Read more

Why choose Tim Toft Violins

Why choose Tim Toft Violins?

If you’re looking for an exceptional violin shop, here’s why you should choose Tim Toft Violins in the charming market town of Stone. Tim Toft Violins is situated in Staffordshire, and we have one of the largest collections of fine violins in the UK and many other instruments. Tim Toft is an internationally recognised violin … Read more

How To Choose A Bow

How To Choose A Bow

There are many factors you need to consider when searching for a new bow; weight, balance, flexibility, material, condition, authenticity and, of course, price. Are you wondering how to choose a bow that will complement your stringed instrument? In this article, we look at some of the factors to consider when choosing a bow to match … Read more

Famous French Bow Makers from the past

Famous French Bow Makers from the past

Known for their exceptional craftsmanship and attention to detail, French bow makers and their bows are considered the best in the world. Today, many musicians seek out bows made by French bow makers specifically for their superior quality. Their contributions have helped shape the way we think about the violin and the role of the … Read more

Victor Fétique

Victor François Fétique – French Bow Maker

Victor François Fétique (1872-1933) was a prominent French archetier or bowmaker. His career spanned several decades, and he worked for some of France’s most prestigious music houses. Fétique’s bows were known for their firm, dense sound. In this blog post, we’ll take a closer look at Fétique’s life, training, techniques, and impact on the world … Read more

Joseph Alfred Lamy (Lamy Père) 1850-1919 - French Bow Maker

Joseph Alfred Lamy (Lamy Père) 1850-1919 – French Bow Maker

Joseph Alfred Lamy, also known as Lamy Père, was a renowned French bow maker of the early twentieth century. He gained significant recognition in his field due to his exceptional craftsmanship. In this article, you will learn more about Joseph Alfred Lamy’s life, work, and legacy. Lamy’s early life It was common for French families … Read more

Eben!Holz e.V.

Eben!Holz e.V. | Protecting endangered wood for musical instrument making

Eben!Holz e.V. is an association aiming to protect endangered wood for musical instrument making. In this article, you can learn more about the association and the vital work they do. For centuries, musical instruments have been crafted using a variety of woods, including native species like spruce, sycamore maple, and pear tree, as well as … Read more