Eugène Nicolas Sartory (1871–1946)

Eugène Nicolas Sartory (1871–1946)

Universally recognised as the 20th century’s most important French bow maker, Eugène Nicolas Sartory began making bows in Paris in the late 19th century and continued until he died in 1946. In this article, we discuss his humble beginnings to the global reputation Sartory has today. For over 100 years, fine bows crafted by renowned … Read more

Stradivarius Violins, History, Price and Sound

Why is a violin by Stradivari called a Stradivarius? It seems to be an historically sanctioned affectation. Other Italian violin makers of the time used a Latin form of their name on labels, but do we call an Amati an Amatus? We do not, or a Guarneri, a Guarnerius, not usually. So a Stradivarius violin … Read more

Violin buyer's guide

Violins…a buyer’s guide, what to consider when buying a violin

We look at some key points you should consider when buying a violin, including how to test a violin (viola, cello, bass) before taking it on approval. What should I play? Scales are a good starting point. Try them slowly with as much volume as possible to test the instrument’s limits. If you can, try … Read more

Jean Augustin Darte (1829-1892)

Nicolas Vuillaume (brother of J.B. Vuillaume) married Darte’s mother, Rosalie Zoegger, in 1839 thus becoming Jean Augustin’s stepfather. Darte was born in Paris and served his apprenticeship under Nicolas in Mirecourt. He then worked in J.B. Vuillaume’s workshop in Paris before returning to Mirecourt to work as Nicolas’s assistant. He married in 1858, his stepfather … Read more