Violin Bows For Sale

We have one of the largest selection of violin bows for sale in the UK.

The violin bow is used to create the beautiful, rich, and complex sound that the violin is known for. The art of bowing is an integral part of playing the violin, and the bow’s quality, weight, and balance can significantly impact the sound and character of the instrument. At Tim Toft Violins, we have a large collection of violin bows for sale. Each bow can be inspected at our shop, based in Stone, Staffordshire.

How do I choose the right bow for my violin?

If you are studying with a teacher, try to include them in the process of buying your new bow. They should know your playing abilities and requirements better than anyone. Then, book a time in our shop and set aside at least an hour to try several bows. We have dozens in stock. The bow should match the quality of the instrument you use. Before visiting us read the section on our website, How to choose a bow, it will help you to understand what to look for.

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