Viola Bows For Sale

Our selection of viola bows for sale from Tim Toft Violins.

The viola bow is a vital component of a violist’s performance, as it directly affects the instrument’s tone and projection. Compared to the violin bow, the viola bow is typically longer and slightly heavier, allowing for a more resonant and rich sound. The bow’s balance point is also slightly closer to the frog, making it easier to execute the often-used sustained notes and full-bodied strokes. When selecting viola bows, factors such as weight, balance, and the type of wood used must be considered to ensure the best possible performance. At Tim Toft Violins, we have over 45 years of experience in buying, selling and restoring viola bows. We have a large selection of viola bows for sale at our shop, based in Stone, Staffordshire. Please contact us to make an appointment to come and view any bow or instrument.

How do I choose the right bow for my viola?

Many people start on the violin and move on to the viola having already acquired basic competence in string playing. As a consequence, there are fewer beginner bows for viola and even fewer made in small viola sizes. It is essential if you are playing a small, or fractional size, viola that you don’t try to muddle through with a violin bow – you need the extra weight of a proper viola bow. See, How to choose a bow, on this website.

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