Violin Valuation & Certification

We offer valuations for Violins, Violas, Cellos, Double Bass and Bows. A certificate of authenticity can also be provided for your instrument.

Violin valuation by Tim Toft

Certificates Of Authenticity

Tim’s certificates of authenticity are internationally recognised and used by professional bodies and players to enhance the provenance and value of instruments. They include detailed photographs and descriptions, along with the important measurements.

We can supply a certificate on instruments valued at £10,000 upwards.

Violin valuations and certificates of authenticity

Violin Valuation

We offer written violin valuations for probate, insurance and legal purposes. We are consultants for auction houses, financial institutions and insurance companies. Tim is always happy to personally discuss your instrument. He is often asked how long it takes to value a violin, to which he replies, “About ten minutes … And forty-five years!”

Violin Valuation, Certification and Insurance. Some frequently asked questions about our services.

How do I get a valuation?

We will need to inspect your instrument/bow in person in order to complete a valuation. You can book an appointment by phone or email. Please contact us here.

What types of valuation do you offer?

We can offer a verbal valuation or a written valuation, for which we charge. We can offer valuations for violins, violas, cellos, double bass and bows.

How much will a valuation cost?

The cost can be from nothing (verbal), to a percentage of the value of the instrument (written).

Can I get a certificate?

We can supply a certificate on instruments valued at £10,000 upwards; again this is a percentage of the value of the instrument.

Do you offer online appraisals?

No. We do not believe due diligence can be carried without a personal inspection to ascertain authenticity and state of repair.

How do you value my instrument?

Valuations are carried out by Tim Toft who has over thirty years’ experience as a dealer and has viewed literally hundreds of thousands of violins in his career. He is an acknowledged expert who works as a consultant for other shops and auction houses. Through his wide network of contacts he can also confer with other experts to draw on their specific areas of expertise. Authenticity and condition are vital in making an assessment.

Can I post my instrument for valuation?

If you are prepared to take the risk!

How long will it take?

It can vary from minutes to several weeks if provenance searches, detailed repair assessments, etc, are required, but generally, within a week.

Where can I insure my violin?

Usually your household insurer will be able to cover insurance. If you require a higher level of value insurance than your home insurer will allow we can suggest a number of specialist insurers.

What will I be insured for?

That would depend on your policy, they vary widely so read the smallprint!

Where can I sell my violin?

We buy and sell violins everyday so may be interested; if it is not for us then we can suggest an appropriate way to sell your instrument.

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