D. Chagas

‘D. Chagas’ cello bow for sale from the Arcos Brasil Workshop.

Pernambuco cello bow with a round stick, nickel mounted ebony frog with Parisian-Eye inlay and ebony adjuster with two nickel bands.

Mounts: Nickel/Ebony
Weight: 81.3g

About Arcos

“Although Pernambuco Wood is only known to grow in the coastal Brazilian rain forest, bowmaking in a workshop setting did not begin in Brasil until the early 70’s. Since its beginnings, this art has evolved in the northern region of the state of Espirito Santo to become today the most respected and consistently praised worldwide. Arcos Brasil was in many instances the pioneer of those positive changes. From the onset of our company in the 1996, our concerns with consistent quality coupled with beauty and playability allowed to position Arcos Brasil as the foremost producer of fine Pernambuco Wood bows. In the following pages you will be able to get more acquainted with our bowmaking process, commitment with the environment and community, and presence in the world market.” Arcos Brasil

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