Violin Repair & Restoration

We carry out restoration work and repairs on Violins, Violas, Cellos, Double Bass & Bows.

Violin Repair Service

Our purpose-built violin repair workshop was completed in 2011. This major investment has enabled us not only to employ full-time, highly-trained luthiers, who undergo continuous professional development, but also to extend our considerable range of specialist tools and equipment.

We pride ourselves on the high standard of the repair and restoration service we provide for all violins, violas, cellos, double bass and bows, whether they require a minor adjustment or a full restoration.

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Violin repairs at Tim Toft Violins
Violin restoration by a trained luthiers at Tim Toft Violins
Violin repair services

violin/ viola/ cello/double bass set-up work

We carry out; bridge fitting, soundpost fitting, adjusting/replacing pegs, adjusting/replacing top nut, resurfacing (shooting)/replacing fingerboard, the eradication of buzzes and the fitting of new strings, tailpieces, and endpins.

Instrument Service / MOT

If you are returning to playing and your old instrument has been idle we offer a service to check everything is in good condition.

For professional musicians we offer a maintenance program and sound adjustment with a luthier.

We also offer an annual three-year free service/MOT on any instrument sold.

Tonal Adjustment

Our luthiers work carefully with the player adjusting the set-up, carefully moving the position of the soundpost and adjusting the curve and height of the bridge to achieve an optimum sound.

After a new set-up or major restoration we would expect the instrument to need a period of “settling in” sometimes requiring a further detailed adjustment which is part of our service.

Bow Rehair

We undertake rehairs and the repair/ replacement of thumb leathers, pearl slides, faceplates and brass eyes, as well as general stick, frog and adjuster repairs. You may have to leave your bow with us for a few days while we work on it.

If needed we can lend you a bow while yours is being rehaired or repaired. If you are unable to visit the shop we offer a postal service for bow rehairs and bow repairs. Learn more about our bow rehair service here.

Double Bass Repairs

Double basses can present special difficulties. We undertake all repair work to basses, including: bridge fitting, soundpost fitting, fingerboard shooting and replacement, gluing seams, eradication of buzzes (a frequent problem with basses) fitting of endpins, tailpieces, fitting machine heads and pick ups.

Frequently asked questions regarding our violin repair services

What kind of repairs do Tim Toft Violins carry out?

More or less anything from set-ups to full restoration of historic instruments. We have in-house bow re-hairers and repairers. Set-ups deal with the fitting of bridges and soundposts, reshooting of fingerboards, nut adjustments, etc. This is an essential part of getting the best out of your instrument and will usually be done in consultation with the player.

How long will my repair take?

Anything from the same day to many months depending on the scale of the job. We will provide you with a completion date when we book in the repair.

What will my repair cost?

Full estimates will be given before work is started and the work carried out will be itemised.

Is the work guaranteed?

We guarantee our repair work for two years from the time you take your instrument away.

Who are the repairers?

Our violin repairers are graduates from one of the internationally recognised violin-making schools. We have employed alumni from the Welsh Violin Making School, the Musikinstrumentenbauschule, Mittenwald, Cremona International Violin Making School, Newark International School of Violin Making, the International Violin Making School of Parma and others. They are overseen by a team of external consultants with long experience not only as makers/repairers but also as lecturers from violin-making schools and from academic music backgrounds. There is a programme of professional development in operation to ensure quality and consistency of work.

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