Violin by Hesketh 1931, Viola by Hesketh 1900

The Manchester violin maker, Thomas Earle Hesketh (1866-1945), was an apprentice of George Adolph Chanot from 1885 to 1890, setting up on his own account shortly after. He established a brand identity with his Guarneri model violin due to its consistency of workmanship and high quality materials. Until 1929/30 these bear the label, ‘designed by T. Earle Hesketh’, from this time onward the wording becomes, ‘made by T. Earle Hesketh’; both types of label also state, ‘Agents Hawkes & Sons London and Manchester’. We currently have a fine example of this type from 1931.
Much rarer are examples of Hesketh’s earlier more personal work, which can exhibit outstanding workmanship, a refined aesthetic sensibility, and a beautiful limpid varnish. We are fortunate to be able to offer just such a piece – a viola of large proportions (length of back 423mm) on an Amatise Stradivari model. Stylistically it is evocative of his acclaimed teacher and bears the date 1900.
Pictured below: Viola by Hesketh 1900, available for trial.

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