Gustave Bernardel, no.191 Paris 1900

About the instrument:

Gustave Bernardel born 1832, died 1904, was partner in the firm of Gand and Bernardel. After Gand left in 1892 he continued on his own account and retired in 1901. This could possibly be his last cello.

The highly flamed cello back, length 762mm, is in two pieces of quarter-sawn maple marked with a small curl of medium width; the ribs and scroll of similar wood. The front is of medium grain spruce which broadens towards the flanks. It has a striking appearance with most of its original red-brown varnish still intact.


Very good to excellent condition with some small repairs to the lower ribs and a small repaired crack to the bottom of the front by the saddle.

Sound of the instrument:

How does it sound? A fine sounding cello in the finest French tradition. Warm and full with good penetration in the upper register. Set up with Spirocore on the C & G string with Larsen on the D & A with a Belgian style bridge.

Back Length: 762mm
Upper Bout: 344mm
Middle Bout: 245mm
Lower Bout: 445mm
String Length: 686mm


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