Carlo Ferdinando Landolfi, Milan c.1770 – 1775

Carlo Ferdinando Landolfi (Landolphi) born c.1710-14 died c.1784. One thing agreed on is the quality of sound Landolfi’s violins can produce; in this respect, they are considered by performers and dealers worldwide to be the top flight of concert instruments.

Back Length: 355mm
String Length: 323mm


Dmitry Gindin certificate

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    Carlo Ferdinando Landolfi

    Books on violinmakers are notoriously unreliable, and the internet has made the spread of misinformation even worse. A brief scan of sources on Carlo Ferdinando Landolfi (Landolphi) is an excellent example. We read that he was born in Milan or Germany, in 1710 or c.1714 and underwent an apprenticeship in Cremona. Alternatively, he had some early training in Germany and returned to Milan in 1734. He set up his workshop or possibly started violin-making in the mid-18th century.

    Considering the work, we can suggest the likely truth behind these confusions. His earliest instruments suggest a connection with Paolo Antonio Testore. Many instruments from around 1749 onwards indicate the influence of G.B. Guadagnini, generally exhibiting as they do a lower arching and a higher standard of finish and varnish. His violins vary in quality and design, but several Germanic traits are relatively constant: the F hole eyes pushing out from the stems with axe-head style wings and large, rounded notches; the broad purfling in a deeply cut valley; the large head, yet narrow pegbox.

    Violins from the later part of his career can show the hand of his son, Pietro Antonio, c.1730-1795.