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Joseph Anthony Chanot

1865 - 1936

Joseph Anthony Chanot (London 1865-1936) was youngest son of George Chanot (born 1831 Paris, died 1895 London) and younger brother to Frederick William and George Adolphe.

A. Chanot was particularly active in violin making from c.1880-1912, in later years repairing and dealing took the upper hand though later instruments are by no means unknown. His reproductions of the del Gesù ‘Sainton’ violin are highly regarded though he also employed other classical models.

Henley in his Universal Dictionary of Violin & Bow Makers is full of praise for his violins not only for their technical excellence but also for their tonal qualities: ‘Undeniably beautiful in every detail of workmanship … everything brought to that high state of tonal power which will ultimately be equal to any Cremona.’

Our 1912 violin is based on Stradivari and exhibits the attributes observed by Henley.

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Joseph Anthony Chanot