Eugène Nicolas Sartory (1871–1946)

By 1886 Sartory was already working as a bowmaker with his father, Joseph, and brother, Emile Eugène; it is probable that he began at the age of twelve or thirteen. They lived at 7 Rue du Breuil, Mirecourt. Shortly after he went to Paris and worked, briefly, for Charles Peccatte and Joseph Alfred Lamy prior … Read more

Stokie School

The Stoke School (yes there is one!) There hadn’t been much to write or shout about concerning violin making and dealing in North Staffordshire until we opened our shop in Stone 35 years ago. There were, however, two makers in the area in the early twentieth century; George Hancock of Stoke-on-Trent and F.L. Walton of Hanley. … Read more

Pernambuco (PAUBRASILIA ECHINATA ) Latest Situation

We are acutely aware of increased anxiety in the stringed instrument world concerning the status of pernambuco with regard to international travel. The latest situation is as follows. The CONVENTION ON INTERNATIONAL TRADE IN ENDANGERED SPECIES OF WILD FAUNA AND FLORA will be considering the following proposal at the Conference of the Parties, Panama City … Read more

Jean Augustin Darte (1829-1892)

Nicolas Vuillaume (brother of J.B. Vuillaume) married Darte’s mother, Rosalie Zoegger, in 1839 thus becoming Jean Augustin’s stepfather. Darte was born in Paris and served his apprenticeship under Nicolas in Mirecourt. He then worked in J.B. Vuillaume’s workshop in Paris before returning to Mirecourt to work as Nicolas’s assistant. He married in 1858, his stepfather … Read more

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J.B. Vuillaume Employees – Paul Bailly

Paul Bailly was born in Mattaincourt and studied with Jules Gaillard before working in Brussels for Nicolas François Vuillaume, and in Paris for his brother J.B. Vuillaume. He travelled widely, working in various cities in France (Douai, Lille, Rheims), in England (Leeds, London) and America before he settled in Paris c.1898 opening a shop at … Read more

J.B. Vuillaume Employees – Télesphore Barbé (1822 –1892)

Télesphore was the son of François Jacques Barbé. His daughter, Emelie, by his third wife, Justine Grandjon, married the luthier Charles ‘Malakoff’ Brugère. Though Télesphore was born in Dijon both his parents – and his brother Dominique – were born, and died, in Mirecourt. He was a pupil of Honoré Derazey and subsequently worked for … Read more

Violin by Hesketh 1931, Viola by Hesketh 1900

The Manchester violin maker, Thomas Earle Hesketh (1866-1945), was an apprentice of George Adolph Chanot from 1885 to 1890, setting up on his own account shortly after. He established a brand identity with his Guarneri model violin due to its consistency of workmanship and high quality materials. Until 1929/30 these bear the label, ‘designed by … Read more