Violins For Beginners

Our beginner violins are ideal for those just starting out on their journey, as they offer great quality at an affordable price.

What is the best violin for a beginner?

We offer a student violin outfit (violin, bow and case) from £365; if you want to go further we sell the Jay Haide 101 for £995. With care, our beginner violins can easily last through many years of practice before needing to upgrade to something more advanced.

What to avoid in buying a violin for a beginner?

Anything that has not been properly set up in a violin shop. It may seem a bargain price on the internet but by the time you have set it up to good playing condition you may well end up paying more.

Should I buy or rent a beginner violin?

We try to cover both bases. If you rent initially (£24 per month) and then decide after three months that you would like to buy we will deduct your three months’ rent (minus VAT!) from the purchase price.

Can I trade in my beginner violin?

If we sold it we will trade it back in. Make sure you look after it to get the best trade in price.

Can I get finance to buy a beginner violin?

We do not offer finance but your bank may! We may also be able to spread payments to make things easier.

Can I get insurance for my beginner violin?

Your household insurance should cover this though you may have to specify it as an item. If they refuse you probably have a very expensive beginner violin so use a specialist insurer! (We can suggest some.)

Beginner Violins

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