The Tubbs Family Part 2: Genealogy

The information given below is sourced predominantly from birth, baptism, marriage, death and criminal records, censuses, and trade/residential directories, including those of Pigot, Kelly, the Post Office, Trow, and Robson. We have only included information which we believe ha a high degree of reliability. There are many more members of the Tubbs family than are listed here; our focus has mainly been on known, or possible, bow/instrument makers also included jewellers as they may have had an input into the family trade. Please consider this list as a summary; we hope to publish more detailed information in the future. All addresses are London unless stated otherwise.

William Tubbs I

William Tubbs I was baptised on 26 February 1748 at St Matthew’s, Bethnal Green. He was the son of a weaver, John Tubbs (c.1723-1770), and his wife, Susannah Eltuon (1724-1755), they were married on 4 April 1743 at St Luke Old Street Church, Finsbury. William followed the same trade as his father. On 29 June 1769 he married Martha Wood (1749-1808) at St Mary’s, Lambeth, their children were the first generation of Tubbs bow makers.


Children of William Tubbs I

William Tubbs II (1770-1842?)
1770 30 October, baptised, St Matthew’s, Bethnal Green.
1809 17 October, married Mary Wickham, St Bride’s, Fleet Street.
1822 W. Tubbs, violin bow maker. 1 Wine Office Court, Fleet Street.
1829 3 March, Carlisle Place, bow maker.
1842 Apr-Jun, died, St Pancras?

John Tubbs I (4 Aug 1775-1828)
1775 3 September, baptised, St Matthew’s, Bethnal Green.
1809 John Tubbs, musical instrument maker, 5 North Street, Tottenham Court Road.
1815 20 July, at Newgate Prison, charged with theft of lead pipe.
1815 13 September, at the Old Bailey, sentenced to 3 months and a 1 shilling fine.
1828 Died, Middlesex Hospital. Previous literature has him dying in 1820 in Princes Street, but this was his uncle John, brother of William Tubbs I, who was married to Elizabeth and worked as a cabinet maker.

Henry Tubbs I (2 March 1785-1847)
1785 27 April, baptised, St Matthew’s, Bethnal Green.
1811 9 July, at Newgate Prison, accused of theft, acquitted.
1812 15 October, transferred from Giltspur Street Compter [prison] to Newgate accused of highway robbery, acquitted. [A comment in the margin of the court record reads, ‘noted pickpocket’.] 1841 Turnmill Street, Clerkenwell, aged 55, bow maker.
1847 28 February, buried, St James’s, Clerkenwell, residence given as Broad Yard and workhouse.

Thomas Tubbs I (September 1790?-29 March 1863)
1791 17 June, baptised, St Dunstan and All Saints, Stepney.
1811 10 October, married Susanna Vale.1814 Suffolk Street, musical instrument maker.
1816 Violin bow maker, resident in Gibraltar Court, Elliott’s Court, Old Bailey.
1818 20 May, Queen Street, Cheapside, death of his wife, Susanna.
1818 29 December, married Mary Ann Phillips at St Bride’s, Fleet Street.
1823 48 Princes Street, musical instrument and violin maker at 44 Princes Street, Leicester Square.
1824-9 48 Princes Street, Leicester Square. He kept this address until 1829.
1824 14 November, living at Gray’s Walk, violin bow maker.
1830 Musical instrument maker resident at Bedford Row.
1831-3Carlisle Place, Lambeth, until the 1833/4 issue of the London City Directory.
1832 Carlisle Place, Lambeth.
1834-50 Shop address 31 Carlisle Place.1834 20 February, Thomas Tubbs [listed as a violin-maker] ‘gave the prisoner a good character’ in the case of Charles Riley. It was charged that Riley, ‘feloniously and knowingly did convey out of His Majesty’s Mint, certain metal, that is to say, 80 ounces of silver, value £20, the property of our said Lord the King’. This could have led to a capital sentence, but he was instead ‘recommended to mercy on account of his previous good character’ and transported for fourteen years.
1842 By 1842 Carlisle Lane and Carlisle Place had become Carlisle Street though some usage of Place and Lane continued and later reappeared.
1850 80 Carlisle Place (renumbering)..
1860 13 Feb-July 13 in the St Marylebone Workhouse and Infirmary register, he is described as having no residence, ‘destitute-no home, to be medically reheated’. Circumstances under which released given as, ‘debility’.
1861 80 Carlisle Street, musical instrument maker.
1863 29 March, died, residence given as 2 Carlisle Place. [1-3 Carlisle Place were built in 1859-63. Since 1863 the Daughters of Charity have lived at Carlisle Place, a property assigned to them for helping the poor.] 1863 4 April, buried in a common grave in Brompton Cemetery.
1865 Advertisement still running in the Post Office Directory as violin bow maker at 80 Carlisle Street. (Both Charles and William Thomas Henry had this address.)

Children of Thomas Tubbs I

William Tubbs III (12 March 1814-28 April 1878)
1814 20 November, Suffolk Street, baptised, St George the Martyr, Southwark.
1837 Regent Street.
1840 14 May, married Jane Roman (1814-90) at St Mary’s, Newington, residence given as Hampstead.
1841 Crescent Steet, Somerstown, St Pancras, bow maker.
1846 Berkeley Street, bow maker.
1848 19 Dyer Street, musical instrument maker.
1851-4 19 Princes Street, violin bow maker.
1858-60 45 Rupert street, bowmaker/musical instrument maker.
1860-1 45 Rupert Street, music seller.
1864-751 Rupert Court, Princes Street, violin bow maker.
1875 1 Rupert Court, Princes Street, violin bow maker, name given as Wm. Tubbs senior.
1878 April 28. William Tubbs died at age 64 at his home in 1 Rupert Court. Death from Apoplexy certified by G.M.K. Clarke, M.R.C.S. His son James was present at his death.
1878 3 May, buried at Brompton Cemetery.

Charles Tubbs I (c.1832-1868?)
1837 28 June, baptised, St Mary’s, Lambeth.
1841 Carlisle Street, age given as 9.
1851 80 Carlisle Street, age given as 17.
1861 80 Carlisle Street, piano key maker, age given as 29.
1868 2 September, buried Brompton Cemetery?


Children of William Tubbs III

James Tubbs
James Tubbs has had a bad press. Violin literature has characterised him as a drunk, from a family of drunks who lived dissolute lives. The facts indicate something quite different. His working life extended to over 70 years, due to his enforced return to work following the death of his son Alfred in 1909 (not 1912 or 1911 as in previous printed/current online sources). If a succesful working span of over 70 years is the result of a drunken, dissolute life maybe more of us should try it.

Misinformation, either deliberate or accidental, occurs elsewhere. Aside from the inaccurate date of Alfred’s death, printed/online sources tell us that his daughter-in-law (Alfred’s widow, Jane Matilda) looked after him in his old age; in fact a look at census material from 1901 and 1911 shows it was his sister-in-law, Lucy, (William IV’s widow) who lived with him, not Jane. Jane appears in the 1911 census, living and working at 94 Wardour Street, as a bow maker and employer, presumably having taken over the business; James at this time was working from 31 Twilley Street, Earlsfield, Wandsworth. Very soon after, James took over control again and the business name of James Tubbs and Son, then briefly, Jane Tubbs, reverted simply to James Tubbs.
In terms of marketing James was no slouch. In 1874 he became bowmaker to the Duke of Edinburgh and in 1876 began an annual prize of a gold mounted bow to be given to a student of the Royal Academy of Music. In 1877 he joined the Belgrave Freemasons Lodge, obviously aware of the advantages of networking. His sons, Alfred and William James, joined the same lodge in 1883. He was also an early advertiser in The Strad magazine (founded in May1890) offering his bow making and repairing services under the banner, James Tubbs & Son, in November 1891. In the same magazine in February 1893 Beare & Son announce that they are the sole wholesale supplier of ‘James Tubbs’s celebrated bows’ In June 1894 he places the following advertisement:

The line, ‘no connection with any others of the name of Tubbs’, was perhaps due to family commercial rivalry; Charles Edward Tubbs might be considered the most serious contender, his move to Wardour Street at about this time may not have helped fraternal relations. It could also be a desire to distance himself socially from Charles Edward, given his brother’s arrest on theft charges a few years earlier (1890). The direct impetus, though, is probably from an advertisement placed by his brother John in New York (see 1889 entry for John Tubbs II).
All three of his children, Alfred, William James and Jessie, predeceased him yet James continued working, producing bows, when lesser men might have succumbed to their hard fate. The widely used photograph of Tubbs is of a rather disheveled and shabby old man working in a small cluttered workshop: there is another which readers should see, that of a more formally dressed man in his late seventies with a pinned cravat and a fob chain exhibiting a masonic symbol, proudly staring-down the photographer.

James Tubbs 1913
James Tubbs (25 March 1835-19 April 1921)
1837 28 June, baptised, St Mary’s, Lambeth, address of parents, Regent , Lambeth.
1851 19 Princes Street, violin bow maker1857 25 July, married Elizabeth Bennett by banns in the Church of St James Westminster. Both James and his father are called violin bow makers. James, his wife, and his father-in-law all sign the document, along with Eliza Blake, whose relationship to them is unknown. James’ address is given as 18 Great Windmill Street, Elizabeth’s as 45 Rupert Street, which is also William Tubbs’ address.
1858 Rupert Street, violin bow maker.
1862 Prize Medal for bows (which bore the W E Hill brand) at the International Exhibition, London.
1865 5 Church Street, violin bow maker.
1866/7 53 Greek Street, Soho.
1868-72 39 King Street.
1873 47 Wardour Street.
1874 Became bow maker to the Duke of Edinburgh
1876-1910 James Tubbs & Sons (sic) Prize, Royal Academy of Music. A similar prize was offered to a violin student of the Guildhall School of Music and Drama.
1877 Joined Belgrave Freemasons Lodge.
1879 47 Wardour Street. It would seem Tubbs worked on the second floor. A report in Reynolds’s Newspaper, Sunday, September 28 of men, ‘unlawfully committing lewd acts’, has James and his son, William James, giving evidence. Certain acts were said to have taken place on the second floor of 86 Wardour Street, his workshop is described as directly opposite on the corresponding floor. Later William James confirms this, ‘I was at the time in my father’s workshop, second floor.’
1880 94 Wardour Street, [Wardour Street was renumbered 1878/9], violin bow maker.
1881-91 94 Wardour Street, violin bow maker.
1885 Gold Medal at the Inventions Exhibition London.
1891 Stradivari Villa, 115 London Road, Stanwell, Staines, Middlesex . Lists himself in the census as neither employer nor employed,. Name entered by the
census taker as James Tubb.
1891 94 Wardour Street, James Tubbs & Son, violin bow makers.
1901 50 London Road, fiddle stick maker.
1911 31 Twilley Street, violin bow maker.
1919 9 March, the Weekly Dispatch carries a short article on James Tubbs: ‘Everyone in the violin world know “Tubbs, of Soho,” the veteran violin bow-string maker, whose portrait in watercolours is on show at the Grosvenor Galleries.’ It goes on to quote Tubbs, ‘“I have been making bowstrings all my life, and though I am now 84 I am still at work … I hold the Royal Warrant which was granted to me by the late Duke of Edinburgh, who insisted that the fiddle used by his Royal Highness must be made by myself.”’[Should this read fiddlestick?] He goes on to list a few famous players who had been his customers; Wilhelmj, Kreisler, Paganini, Bottesini,Sivori, Piatti, Gompertz and Strauss and concludes, ‘“Yesterday a bow was brought in to me and I discovered by the name stamped on it that it was made by my grandfather 100 years ago. Not long ago I was asked to repair a bow and recognised it as one I had helped my father to make 64 years back. It was in excellent condition, and is now good for another half-century at least.’”
192094 Wardour Street, James Tubbs, violin bow maker.
1921 April 19. Died at age 86 of influenza and bronchitis at 94 Wardour Street.
1921 23 April, buried, Hendon Cemetery, section E10, interment number 26209.

William Thomas Henry Tubbs IV (c.1837-1898?)
1837 28 June, baptised, St Mary’s, Lambeth, address of parents, Regent Street.
1851 19 Princes Street.
1865 March quarter married Lucy Potts in Lambeth.
1866 44 Rupert Street, piano maker.
1868 Musical instrument case maker, 57 Greek Street.
1871 80 Carlisle Street, musical instrument case maker, wife, Lucy. [His grandfather, Thomas Tubbs’s old address.] 1875-80 80 Carlisle Street, Wm. Tubbs junior, violin case maker.
1881 80 Carlisle Street, packing case maker.
1898 March quarter. William Thomas H. Tubbs, 61, died in Bridge, Kent.

Edward Tubbs (28 July 1842-12 June 1921)
1842 23 Crescent Street, St Pancras.1846 19 April, Berkeley Street, baptised, St Mary’s, Lambeth.
1851 19 Princes Street, aged 8.
1861 45 Rupert Street, music seller, per census
1868 2 March. Edward married Sarah Henry in the Parish Church of St Mary Newington in Surrey. Edward is a violin bow maker on Hampton Street.
1871-7 38 Castle Street, violin bow maker.
c.1877 Left for New York.
1879-82 Violin, Violoncello, Bass and Bow Maker, Repairs, also Italian String Importer’, at 384 Bowery.
1882 64th Avenue until 1883/4.
4-1887 Became turalised U.S. citizen.
1889 Last will and trestament: left his entire estate to Emma Victoria Osborne, wife of Ebenezer Osborne, his neighbor in 374 Bowery, in the presence of her son Frank. They were former neighbours on Castle Street in London.
1889 374 Bowery, New York, musical instruments.
1895 10 April. Edward married Emma Osborne in New York after her husband’s death.
1898 His son, Charles Edward Tubbs (born c.1868), married at All Saints’, Lambeth, his profession given as electrician.
1898 148 East 87th Street.
1899 Address changed to 1534 Broadway in advertisement.
1900-3 Address now changed to 1534 3rd Avenue, suggesting that the last advertisement was misprinted. This advertisement ran until 1902/3. He also ran an advertisement noting his home address as Kensico, NY. This runs until 1910/11.
1900 North Castle Town, New York, profession, violin maker, age given as 53, Emma 51. Year of immigration given as 1878, Emma’s as 1876.
1904 Edward renews his ad with the 1534 3rd Avenue address until 1920/1
1910 North Castle, New York, manufacturer of violin bows. Year of immigration given as 1878, his wife 1880. Edward’s age given as 64, Emma 51. [error for 61?] 1920 355 East 236th Street, New York, violin maker. Year of immigration for both given as 1876. Edward’s age given as 75, Emma’s as 73.
1920 355 East 236th Street, Bronx Borough, New York. Edward Tubbs, 75, born England (also parents), emigrated 1876, alien, naturalised 1887, violin maker, works for own account, can read, write and speak English, owns home with mortgage.Emma Tubbs, 73, wife, born England, rest same as above but no employment. Frank J. Osborne, 55, son, born England, emigrated 1874, alien, naturalised 1887, foreman in billiard manufacturer, worker (son of Emma).
1921 12 June died at St. Joseph’s Hospital in Yonkers, Westchester Co., New York, age 78 years 9 months.
1922 Petitions and testamentary letters for the estate of Edward Tubbs filed with the Surrogate’s Court of Bronx County. Includes a petition to the courts in which it is stated that Edward had no surviving children or relatives. An inventory and assessment of the Edward Tubbs estate is filed with the court, The inventory includes a number of instruments for a general music store as well as violins, violin parts, 18 used violin bows, and 6 unfinished bows.

Frederick Tubbs (c.1844-1881)
1846 19 April, Berkeley Street, baptised, St Mary’s, Lambeth.
1866 13 August, Rupert Court, married Eliza Hills at St James’s, Westminster. He lists as a bachelor, goldsmith.
1866 12 Portland Street, jeweller.
1868 81 Bolsover Street, jeweller.
1870 March quarter. An Eliza Tubbs, age 23, died in Marylebone.
1873 12 April, 81 Hartland Road, married Rachael Fletcher at Holy Trinity, Haverstock Hill. He lists as a widower, jeweller.
1873 13 Edward Street, jeweller.
1875 6 Edward Street, Soho, working jeweller.
1880 1 Rupert Court, Princes Street, working jeweller.
1881 18 January, 1 Rupert Court, buried at Westminster Cemetery.

Thomas Tubbs II (c.1848-1913?)
1848 27 August, 19 Dyer Street, baptised, St Mary’s, Lambeth.
1851 19 Princes Street.
1861 45 Rupert Street.
1872 14 April, married Emma Baker, Kennington, London.
1881 122 London Road, Lambeth.
1891 114 Holland Road, jeweller, gold.
1911 ‘Brenton’, 3 Lime Grove, New Malden, goldsmith.
1913 July-Sept death registered, Pancras, London?

Charles Edward Tubbs II (4 September 1850-1908)
1850 3 November, 19 Princes Street, christened, St. Anne’s.
1861 45 Rupert Street.
1871 1 Rupert Court.
1873 18 January, 26 Hampton Street, violin bow maker, married Ellen Elizabeth Edwards at St Mary’s, Newington.
1873 16 November, instrument maker, 13 Lisle Street.
1874 March Quarter. Ellen Elizabeth Edwards died.
1875 5 December, 2 New Compton Street, violin bow maker, married Sarah Ann Steel at St Giles-in-the-fields.
1880 1 January. Sarah Jane Tubbs, wife of Charles Edward Tubbs, violin bow maker, died.
1880 3 May, 60 Oakley Street, violin bow maker, married Ann Abigail Durston at St John’s, Waterloo Road. (He describes himself as a bachelor rather than a widower.)
1880 48 Castle Street, Leicester Square, violin bow maker.
1881 107 Berwick Street, violin bow maker, with wife, Ann, stepdaughter, Jane Steal (sic) and daughter, Sarah.
1882 107 Wardour Street, Soho, listed under ‘violin (bow)’.
1884 21 St Martin’s Court, musical instrument maker.
1890 56 Frith Street, violin bow maker.
1890 22 April, the London Evening Standard reported; ‘At the Marlboro-street Police-court this afternoon, Charles Edward Tubbs, violin bow maker, Bateman-street, was charged with breaking and entering the Nelson Radical Club, Old Compton-street, on the 19th inst., and stealing therefrom six billiard balls, three boxes of cigars, a table cover, and other articles.’ Charles Edward claimed, ‘I met a man in the Carlisle Arms public-house on Sunday evening. He asked me if I could sell two sets of billiard balls for him …’ On the charge being read the accused said, ‘I never entered the club in my life. I never stole the balls.’ The report goes on, ‘the Prisoner is a well-known man, and is respectably connected.’ In his defence Charles Edward points out that he voluntarily went to the police station with his potential buyer when the man suggested the billiard balls matched the description of the stolen items and gave all the information in his power. He was remanded. [Bateman Street forms a crossroads with Frith Street.] 1891 23 St Anne’s Court, violin bow maker.
1895 163 Wardour Street, listed under ‘violin’.
1899 107 Wardour Street, Soho, listed under ‘violin (bow)’.
1908 3 February, died at home, 36 Burton Cresent, St Pancras.

Henry Tubbs II (1854-1881)
1854 20 February, born to William and Jane Tubbs, 41 Princes Street.
1861 45 Rupert Street.
1871 1 Rupert Court.
1872 7 October, convicted of simple larceny, Middlesex, guilty, 2 months sentence?
1878 September quarter. Henry Tubbs married Catherine Barnard in the Strand District 1881
8 Rupert Court, violin bow maker, wife, Catherine.
1881 Died at 37 King Street, Soho. Buried in a common grave, 17 October, at St Anne’s Westminster. [In 1880 alterations were made by a sub-lessee to suit 37 King Street building for occupation by (Sir) Henry Wombwell’s Fielding Club. This was a literary/late night drinking club. ‘An institution famed for the brilliancy of its wit and the lateness of its hours.’ Edmund Yates: His recollections and experiences 1831-1894. [39 King Street had been James Tubbs’s address in the early 1870s.]

John Tubbs II (23 February 1856-1922)
1860 16 July, christened, St James’s, Westminster.
1861 45 Rupert Street.
1881 59 Kingsland Road, violin bow maker.
1888 About this date, John moved to the United States and settled in New York at 383 Bowery, where he stays until 1890 and possibly until 1894.
1889 At about this date John Tubbs took an advertisement in the local papers: “J. TUBBS / Artistic Violin Repairer / and / BOW MAKER / For many years connected with the following leading London Houses, viz.: – George Hart, Whithers (sic) & Co., Hill and others. / Importer and Dealer in / Cremona Violins, / Violas and ‘Cellos. / No connection with any other house of the same name. / 383 BOWERY, N.Y. / One Flight Up”.
1890-91 John Tubbs, violin maker, 283 Bowery, home, 160 Fulton.
1894 217 Bowery.
1896 384 Bowery, his brother’s first address in New York. He maintains this address until 1900.
1901 29 September, married Sophia Castello in Manhattan.
1902 Ads discontinued until 1911.
1911 Renews advertisements for new address 175 East 96th Street.
1913 Address changed to 30 West 116th Street.
1915 Advertisement now includes home address of 28 West 116th Street.
1916 Address now given as 1882 Lexington until 1918/19.
1922 13 January, died, New York. He is described in the New York municipal death register as widowed, birth year estimated as 1865, violin maker.

Ernest Cornelius Tubbs (16 May 1860-10 Sept 1902)
1860 16 July, christened, St James’s, Westminster.
1878 9 September, married Alice Maria Jones, St James’s, Westminster.
1880 8 Rupert Court Princes Street, violin bow maker.
1891 3 Gresse Street, musical instrument repairer, wife Henrietta. [See next entry.] 1892 1 February, 19 East Street, married Henrietta Helena Coleman at Holy Trinity, Gray’s Inn Road, described as widower, profession, carman.[Horse-drawn vehicle driver.] 1898 21 September-1 October, lunatic asylum, Westminster.
1900 19 March, Westminster Union Workhouse.
1901 6 Gresse Street, profession, carman.
1902 August, admitted to Poor Law Hospital, Ladbroke Grove.
1902 19 September, taken to Hendon Cemetery from Marylebone Infirmary.

Children of James Tubbs

William James Tubbs V (12 March 1858-22 January 1890)
1858 April 4, christened, St James’s, Westminster.
1871 39 King Street.
1880 June quarter. William James Tubbs married Emily Beech in Westminster.
1880 24 October, professor of music, daughter, Mabel Edith, baptised.
1881 22 Smith Street, professor of music.
1882 24 Carlisle Street, Lambeth, listed under, ‘musical instrument makers various’.
1883 10 January initiation, 14 February passing,14 March raising, into Belgrave Freemasons Lodge, Wardour Street, listed as professor of music.
1890 20 March probate, personal estate of £70 to Emily, widow, of Charing Cross Hospital.

Alfred Tubbs (3 June 1862-3 November 1909)
1862 14 June, birth registered.
1871 5 March, 39 King Street, Soho, baptised at Holy Trinity Lambeth.
1881 94 Wardour Street, violin bow maker.
1882 The 27th of February 1882 has members of the Tubbs family giving evidence at the Old Bailey. The address given of 99 Wardour Street is seemingly in error; 94 Wardour Street is the address given in the 1882 Post Office London Directory Part I. [The public house, The Intrepid Fox, opposite William Ebsworth Hill’s Wardour Street premises, was number 99.] For more information see, J. Basford, London Violin Makers in the Law Courts 1750-1882, in BVMA Newsletter No.93 Autumn 2018.
1883 10 January initiation, 14 February passing, 14 March raising, into Belgrave Freemasons Lodge, Wardour Street, listed as a violin bow maker.
1891 Stradivari villa, London Road, Stanwell, violin bow maker, living with parents, listed as employer. Visitor, Valencia Harris, aged 30, from Edgbaston.
1891 Company now, ‘James Tubbs & Son’. Lists himself as employer.
1895 94 Wardour Street, James Tubbs and Son, listed under, ‘violin bow’.
1897 March, married Fanny Louisa Prescott.
1901 94 Wardour Street. Alfred is given as as an employer in the census, visitors, Louis Herman, jeweller, and Maquitta Harries. [Possibly the same person as Valencia Harris in 1891 entry? here listed as visitor from Warwickshire aged 40.] 1906 11 August,Valencia Tubbs buried, Wandsworth, aged 44. (neé Valencia Harris?)
1909 April, married Jane Giannazzi (née Pepino).
1909 Resident at 31 Twilley Street. 3 November. Alfred Tubbs dies of pneumonia very suddenly at the shop, 94 Wardour Street.
1909 Probate to his widow, Jane, 19 November, £422 19s 10d. (Approximately £43 000 at today’s value.)
1909 8 November, buried, Camden.

Jessie Tubbs (23 April 1865-December 1898)
1871 39 King Street.
1881 94 Wardour Street.
1882 94 Wardour Street, working in her father’s shop. [see also Alfred Tubbs 1882 entry.] 1882 16 July, 24 Samuel Street, married Charles Henry Lee at the church of St George in the East, London.


Children of Charles Edward Tubbs

James Charles Tubbs (c.1880-? )
1881 107 Wardour Street, aged 7 months.
1884 23 July, 21 St Martin’s Court. School enrolment shows not baptised.
1891 23 St Anne’s Court.
1901 29 September, 6 Havelock Terrace, musical instrument maker, married Emma Louise Gertrude Owen.
1911 Census gives his profession as goods clerk.
1929 123 Loveday Road, Ealing.

Wife of Alfred Tubbs

Jane Matilda Giannazzi (née Pepino) (birth registered Oct-Dec1869-after 1911)
1886 16 August, married Augustus Giannazzi at St Anne’s, Soho. Giannazzi stated on oath that permission had been granted for the marriage by her father, Joseph Pepino, though a surrogate signed on her father’s behalf. Joseph was in a mental institution at the time. I found no record of the death of Augustus Giannazzi, nor any record of divorce. In fact Augustus seems to disappear from the public record entirely.
1909 April, married Alfred Tubbs She is described as spinster, rather than widow.
1909 19 November, administration granted on the estate of Alfred, £422 19s 10d.
1911 Jane describes herself as a ‘violin bow maker’ at 94 Wardour Street in the census, where she gives her age as 39. She seems to have taken over the running of the business very briefly (late 1909-1911) which then returned to James Tubbs. Whether James had to repurchase his business and whether Jane had any subsequent involvement is uncertain.The age given here would make her 14 at the time of her first marriage, not ‘seventeen years and upward’ as a marriage document states – she was in fact 16, though she may have been considered to be in her 17th year.


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