Thomas Kennedy, London c.1825

About the instrument:

Thomas Kennedy was one of the most prolific English cello makers of the period. The quality of his cellos varies from unpurfled, spirit-varnished instruments of simple materials to fine, oil-varnished examples; though varnish alone is not necessarily an indicator of the quality of his work. Many are on a small- size Amati model much used in England at this time though he also made on a Stradivari model, the scrolls have little to do with either master; the best are distinctively his.

The cello back, length 737mm, is in two pieces of slab cut maple of irregular medium curl which breaks the brand ‘Goulding & Co London’; the ribs of small curl and scroll of faint irregular curl wood. The front is of fine – medium grain spruce. Typical English varnish of golden red-brown.


Some repair commensuration with age but overall in well repaired playing condition

Sound of the instrument:

How does it sound? Thomas Kennedy cellos are famous for their quality of sound offering warmth combined with power. From the golden age of cello making in England.

Back Length: 737mm
Upper Bout: 333mm
Middle Bout: 246mm
Lower Bout: 420mm
String length: 690mm


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