Joseph Hel No.74, Lille 1882

Joseph Hel (1842 – 1902)

This stunning violin made in Joseph Hel’s golden period is perhaps the finest example of his work in existence.

The wood choice, artistic working & varnish all combine to produce a violin that has investment quality coupled with a depth of tonal colour.

Joseph Hel spent some time in Paris working with Sebastian Vuillaume and surely during his time was influenced by Jean Baptiste Vuillaume. This violin possesses everything a J.B Vuillaume has at a fraction of the price!

Back Length: 357mm
Upper Bout: 171mm
Middle Bout: 112mm
Lower Bout: 209mm
Mensure: 194mm


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    Joseph Hel

    Joseph Hel was born at 10 p.m. on the 7th of February 1842 in Mazirot and died 14th of March 1902 in Lille.

    Hel was apprenticed to François Salzard in Mirecourt in the 1850s and worked for Sébastien Vuillaume in Paris for two years and then from 1864 to 1865 for Nicholas Darche in Aachen. Later in 1865, he moved to Lille to set up on his own account.