Finkel workshop c.1999

Finkel’s workshop is located in the centre of Switzerland in a village called Schwanden near Brienz. They have been produced there for decades, using traditions going back to the 19th century to Ewald Weidhaas (1869 – 1939) and sold worldwide.

Nickel mounted Swiss cello bow for sale from the Finkel Workshop. Pernambuco bow with a round stick, ebony frog and nickel mounted adjuster with pearl and ebony inlay.

Mounts: Nickel/Ebony
Branded: ‘ALLEGRO’
Weight: 79.6g

About Finkel

“His son Paul took over his father’s business after his years of traveling. After the end of the Second World War, his daughter met Siegfried Finkel (1927 – 2010). In 1984, his son Johannes Finkel took over the workshop and his daughter Daniela (born 1987) is now continuing the craft in the 5th generation.

The secrets of a good bow lie in the quality of the wood and the workmanship. A bow maker sees the special features of the wood, has to feel it, understand it and appreciate it. Every bow has its own characteristics, every piece of wood needs special handling. Wood is a living material and changes over the course of the process. There is no recipe based on a book; every sheet presents new requirements. Insiders say that you can only become really good at bending after 20 years in the business.

What is important is the eye, the manual skill, the feeling and the experience. The bow makers carry the music in their hands, so to speak. The craftsmanship gives the bows the strength and elasticity that make them sound good.”

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