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Riccardo Genovese

1779 - 1856

Riccardo Genovese was born on 22 june 1883 in Montiglio, he died on 27 july 1935.

Genovese led two careers; one as a musician/violin maker, the other as a mattress maker.  An official document dated 7 April 1921, where he appears as a witness to the second  wedding of Fagnola, has him listed as a violinist, by 1922 he styles himself, liutista.

He moved to Lecco in 1927 but by 1929 was back in Montiglio where the double life of liutista and mattress maker continued.  In spite of the short period – 1922 to 1935 – where he is active as a professional violin maker, his reputation is considerable. Like his teacher, Fagnola, his work has a robust style full of personality, but it is also informed by playability due to his expertise as a performer.

On his death Ferdinando Garimberti and other Milanese makers acquired tools and other remnants of his workshop.

The example we currently have in stock dates from 1931 when he was at his height as a maker. It has all the forceful presence of a Fagnola, both visually and aurally.

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Riccardo Genovese