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Luigi Galimberti

1888 - 1957

Luigi Galimberti  was born 29 Oct 1888 in Seveso, north of Milan.

He spent a period learning instrument making in Paris, then returned to Milan, where, in 1915, he began working with Romeo Antoniazzi. From 1 January 1928 to 19 July 1930 he was employed by Monzino & Garlandi under the direction of Innocente Rottola, Romeo Antoniazzi  and Riccardo Antoniazzi.

On leaving Monzino he set up in Milan on his own account at 7 Piazza Borromeo, later moving to 17 via Dolomiti. He won a number of prizes: silver medal for violins, National Violinmaking Competition, Rome 1931; gold medal for string quartet, Padua 1931; 3rd Prize for violins, National Violinmaking Competition, Rome 1933; silver medal for a viola at the Concorso Nazionale di Liuteria, Florence 1935; diploma of honour and medal of the Municipality of Milan for stringed instruments, Lombardy Artistic Craftsmanship Competition, Milan 1946; diploma of honour and gold medal, Mostra Mercato Internazionale dell’Artigianato, Florence 1957. He exhibited four violins and a viola in the 1937 Stradivari Bicentenary Exhibition,  Cremona.

His workshop was severely damaged in 1944 but after the Second World War he began business again expanding his sales through an arrangement with Messagerie Musicali – primarily a music publishing company founded in Milan in 1936 – and Ricordi.

He died on 19 October 1957. His son, Adolfo Lodovico, continued the business which by now was focussed on the production of plucked instruments.Examples of Galimberti’s work can be seen in the Museo del violino, Cremona and the Museo degli Strumenti Musicali Collezione Monzino in Castello Sforzesco, Milan. More information on Galimberti and his guitar making can be found here

Luigi Galimberti

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Luigi Galimberti