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Giuseppe Pedrazzini

1879 - 1957

Giuseppe Pedrazzini was born in Pizzighettone on 13 January 1879 and died on 19 October 1957.

Both his father and his uncle were woodworkers. He was essentially self-taught though he did obtain guidance form Romeo Antoniazzi.

He was making violins of professional quality by c.1905 and gained recognition in both national and international competitions. His instruments are generally on Stradivari, Amati and Guadagnini models though they are not slavish copies. In addition to his new instruments he also made antiqued versions though these are scarcer.

A number of well-known makers worked for him including Garimberti, Parravicini and his nephew Novelli. He achieved considerable success in the UK, Hawkes & Sons acting as his agents. As one of the most sought after 20th century makers his instruments are in high demand.

The example we currently have in stock, dating from 1926, is a big sounding instrument which combines warmth with good projection and an ability to cut through in the upper register.

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Giuseppe Pedrazzini