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Giovanni Battista Gaibisso

1876 - 1962

Giovanni Battista Gaibisso 1876-1962 was born Alassio, Liguria in the province of Savona midway between Nice and Genoa.

He worked with Pasquale Baraldi until Baraldi’s death in 1896. Between this date and his departure to South America in 1912 there is  little information on his activities.

From 1922 he worked with Francois Bovis, an ex-workman of Nicolò Bianchi in Nice, returning to Alassio in 1925. He was awarded medals in violin-making competitions in Turin 1911, Rome 1925 and Padua in 1931 and 1934.

The 1941 Gaibisso we currently have in stock is on a Guarneri model. It is an outstanding example of this maker’s work exhibiting a high standard of craftsmanship and a handsome two-piece back. The sound is balanced with good projection and a wide range of tonal colours.

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Giovanni Battista Gaibisso